Garrahan Brothers Racing

Hollister National Hare Scramble


            Brian Garrahan takes the win at the first National Hare Scramble of 1998!  On a rain drenched, muddy track Brian charged from a three kick start and running out of gas on the last lap to win the race by four minutes over Doug Blackwell.  Patrick Garrahan charged through the field to round out the top three.  With the field consisting of top National riders  Scott Plessinger, Doug Blackwell, Mike Lafferty, and Duane Connors;  very few thought that the local boys would be standing on the Podium at the end of the day.

Willseyville National Hare Scramble


            El Nino  broke loose all week so we knew we would be in for another muddy race.  The famous creek crossings were taken out thought because they were impassable.  We both got good starts and moved into the lead two positions within the first mile.  Brian finished the first lap first ahead of Luca Trussardi and Patrick.  We ran in the lead pack all day until Patrick had his kill button go out the last laps dropping him to seventh.  Brian finished second which means that he is tied with Doug Blackwell for 1st in the National Hare Scramble Series.               

Prairie City Hare Scramble  

            The rains let up and Prairie City was in good condition.  Patrick had a problem with the bike right away so he was out.  Brian got the holeshot and opened up a small lead.  On the third lap his Mouse tube squirted out so he limped back to the pits changed his tire and salvaged third place.

Carnagie Hare Scramble  

            Patrick and Brian both got good starts at Carnagie along with hometown friend Cole Marshall.  We ran in top three until Patrick had a front tire come off putting him out of the race.  Brian opened up a big lead and won.

Arizona National Enduro  

            Patrick went to Arizona for the first National Enduro of the season.  It rained on Saturday giving us a rare treat of perfect traction in the desert.  Patrick had a good ride but needs a little work on timekeeping  .Ty Davis topped the field, followed by Kelby Pepper, Doug Blackwell, Matt Stavish, Mike Lafferty, Jim Gray, Randy Hawkins, Patrick Garrahan, Russ Pearson, and Destry Abbott.

Hollister Hare Scramble

            We ran the motocross track every lap this year at Hollister.  Brian grabbed the holeshot ahead of Cole Marshall.  They battled for the first three laps until Brian stopped for gas.  Cole thought he could go one more lap, but ran out before the lap was over.  Brian led the race until his chain broke ending his day.  Patrick was in the next in line and took the checkered flag.