Louisiana National Enduro

It turned out to be a perfect day for racing at the fourth round of the National Enduro Series at the Cajun Classic held in Louisiana.  We have ridden at this location a few times and the trials have always been good  but a little bit on the tight side.  We started out right away on some good trails and I came up to Brian in the first three miles because he wasn't riding possibles.  To compete at the top level of enduro racing I have to try to go into checks closer to the top of my minute and not giving up any time at the beginning of test.  We were on a 20 mile per hour speed average so the possibles were every mile.  I thought I was doing good timekeeping when we got to the first check.  My mileage said I was at 5.75 but the check mileage was at 6 miles so I ended up burning the check.  We got to the first reset, caught our breaths then went right into a thicket of pine trees that we never got out of second gear for a couple of miles.  The trails started to opened up a little bit and we stayed about even on time through these trails for another five miles.  Brian and I both checked out with 5's but Mike Lafferty smoked the section with a 3, setting the fastest time in the section.  We cruised designated trail back to gas where Brian was having problems with the sensor on his computer.  Blake "Cajun" and Brian did some quick repair but couldn't get it working so Brian was riding blind for the rest of the day.  After gas we went right into a test section that we did before in the Qualifier.  It was recently burned so the under growth was minimal and the traction was perfect.  I had a good ride checking into the section 1 second into my minute and riding hard scoring a two in the section.  Brian got lost a couple of times in the section and I ended up getting past him without knowing it.  He checked out with a four in that section.  When I got to the reset I heard that Mike Lafferty had a problem with his brakes and needed some pads and since we had Cajun in the race van so we hooked Mike up with some fresh pads.  We had another timekeeping check then had to ride 18 miles of free time back to the gas stop.  Cajun was set up and had gas and sandwiches ready for us so we could relax and prepare for the next section.  We started out on the third loop but after a few miles my chain derailed right after the check-in.  It wrapped around my front sprocket and there was no way I could get it out.  I hung out at the check until a sweep rider came with to help me out.  He ended up towing me out on a TL 125 trials bike.  Brian actually did pretty well considering he didn't know where he was at.  He zeroed two checks in a row before burning one.  After he burnt the check he got into some faster sections so he sort of just cruised the section and dropped a four in the next section.  There was one more loop and it turned into a big mud rut.  The section was down in the low area and after the rain we had this week it was sloppy.  Brian had a decent test and wound up with a seven in last section.  Everyone seemed to have some problems today but  Mike Lafferty rode the best and won the enduro with a score of an 11.  Randy Hawking was up there and most of the Gas-Gas riders had some good rides being in their home turf in the south.  Clay Boreing was second, Matt Stavish third, Randy Hawkins fourth, and Rodney Judson finished fifth.  Brian had 22 points and finished in twelfth place.